One project we need to work on as a class is to recognize women who have had a positive impact when it comes to technology.

To do this, we must work together.

Start with this website, and then expand. I would like to collect some websites from each of you, so we can make a nice resource list. After you have visited that website, please write a brief summary about that website to tell us what it includes. Please provide a new website! But you can use the one below as an example!

WIT - Women in Technology

Women in Technology (WIT) throughout History
This page talks about different women who have made a difference in the technology world. It talks about the women who are most significant in the technology world. It talks about women such as Ada Lovelace, who is considered the "first computer programmer", and Radia Perlman, who created a network protocol that we use today. Ada Lovelace was considered the "first computer programmer" in the early 1800s because she created a device that would accept input, perform operations, and produce output.

The website talks about giving opportunities for women and to empower them. WIT focuses on training the women for the workforce. They are funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative and Microsoft. Their main goal is to empower women to be integral part of their countries future. Since the WIT organization started in 2005 they trained over 7,000 women and built 50 local women's organizations.

The women that i am writing about is Radia perlman. she is known as the mother of invention. Radia’s 1988 Ph.D. thesis at MIT titled “Routing with Byzantine Robustness”. Radia continued to use her skills to become a prolific inventor with over 70 patents granted to date and another 50 in progress. Radia has taught at Harvard, her Alma mater MIT (where she received her, BS, MA and PhD), and the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology . Radia Perlman, who created a network protocol that we use today

  • Grace Hooper was an American computer scientist who was also a United States Navy officer. She was one of the first computer programmers of the Harvard Mark I (an electro-mechanical computer), developed the first compiler for a computer programming language, and much more! Here is a little bit about her:

Grace Hopper

Amanda McConnell is the head of product at the nation's number one internet listing site in the rental of housing industry. Her responsibilities include loading the Product Strategy for overseeing the road map and managing the the product life cycle process.women in technolgy

This site talks about the Techgirlz. The Techgirlz is a group of women and young girls who are into technology and want to bridge the gender gap of just men going into the technology field. The Techgirlz consist of 123linkit founder Yasmine Mustafa and Sibyl Lindsay, VP of Sales and Marketing at Xipwire.