After you test out Windows 8, please type in all of the things you discovered!!!

Charles Benner

  1. Have different apps available for free to use
  2. Windows 7 is part of the interface
  3. Shows history of recent pages you went on on the left side of screen
  4. Shows search options and settings options on right side of screen
  5. Xbox Live is included into Windows 8

Priscilla Lugo

  1. Welcome Screen doesn't take you directly to the desktop; it gives you categories to choose from instead
  2. Desktop START button is hidden
  3. Things on your desktop such as Libraries Folder, Recycle Bin, Control Panel, etc have a toolbar up top that allows you to manage your files
  4. You can change how you view your files in the Libraries folder. You have the option of adding a Preview or Detail pane
  5. You can add new items like contacts, shortcuts, and documents to your files instead of just folders
  6. The windows fade as you open and close them instead of popping up
  7. When you hover your mouse over certain areas of the desktop hidden options appear
  8. Search option pulls up a new window full of apps and files that are on your computer that you can search for
  9. You can upload your photos to Facebook, Flicker, and SkyDrive


  1. The overall view of the "Start Page" is similar to an Apple tablet operating system except for the fact that the Apps are different sizes then others.
    1. Ex: One my be a rectangle. while two below it are squares side by side.
  2. You are able to move around Apps by clicking > holding > then dragging around the "Start Page".
  3. To see all the Apps on the "Start Page" do the following:
    1. Move cursor on the bottom right corner of the "Start Page"
    2. Click on the icon, then you can view all your apps.
  4. You must be logged in with your Microsoft account to download new Apps.
  5. With that same icon, if u hover the cursor above the icon, and move upwards, it give u the following:
    1. Search
    2. Share
    3. Start
    4. Devices
    5. Settings
    6. it also gives you the Time and Date, and if its connected to the internet or not.
  6. On the desktop, you can get back to the "Start Page" by moving the cursor to the bottom left of the screen then clicking start.
  7. Also with that hidden icon, if you move the cursor upwards, you can see recent opened Apps.
  8. Right click on the Apps in said view to be given the option to delete said Apps.
  9. Windows Explorer is ribbon based like Microsoft Office 2007 users.
  10. While in the Internet Explorer App, you can:
    1. Click, hold, then drag the top to view other tabs.
    2. Right-click the top to Add a new tab, add a new "in-private tab", or "clean up" unused tabs
  11. The load bar consists of 5 little dots moving across the screen.
  12. In the Music folder on Windows Explorer 8, there is a Music tools ribbon where you can play and listen to your downloaded music.

Tyler Dugan

  • 1. Unlike Windows 7 it does not take you to a desktop screen but instead a "Start" screen. The Start screen is a similar to a app format for like a cellphone/iPad/tablet etc.
  • 2. Even though they have it set up at a tablet format, there is still some old windows format in there. If you pick desktop it will take you to the desktop that you will see on Windows 7 but just a browser link and Windows File Explorer
  • 3. There are different load bars.
  • 4. Xbox is involved in windows now unlike before i never really seen it involved.
  • 5. Show the recent pages you opened or apps you went into on the left side.
  • 6. The Start button is hidden at the bottom but if you go to the bottom left it shows up.
  • 7. If you click on the start screen it will open a bar at the bottom that you can click on to view all the apps.

Juan Colon

  • The Start Screen has a similar app format like iPads and cellphones.
  • The load bar has five dots moving across the screen.
  • URL bar is at the bottom when using the browser.
  • You can use Xbox live in the Windows 8.
  • There are hidden areas in the desktop when you move the mouse.

Geraldo Rivera

  • Main difference is the is the start menu.
  • The internet browser is slightly changed.
  • the interface itself looks more like a tablet or smartphone style of interface its like a windows 7 phone interface.
  • it also has an inclusion of Xbox live and some Xbox live
  • it has tons of apps, apps like messaging, and mail and stuff which allows you to access stuff which is kinda like a smartphone as well.
  • it also has a store where you can purchase apps like games and entertainment apps etc.
  • everything also seems to be run by a Microsoft account just like apple ids and G-mails.
  • the desktop itself seems to be about the same as windows seven desktop.
  • accept for the hidden sidebar accessed by bringing your pointer to the bottom right of the screen the sidebar includes:
    • search- to look through your apps more quickly than just looking for them in the start menu
    • Settings
    • Start Menu
    • Devices
    • Share- which allows you to share stuff from your desktop
  • Also hidden in the sidebar is a date and time box
  • The last change i moticed was the start button on the bottom left corner is replaced with an Internet Explorer button.

Vaughn Weston

  • The start menu comes up as a page of apps.
  • The start button is not visible you have to go to bottom of the toolbar to access it.
  • The file window comes up looking like a word document with File, Home, Share, and View tabs
  • You are able to buy apps from the store and pin them to the start menu
  • You can access all of your photos from Facebook, Flickr, and Skydrive from one app.
  • From the my computer page you can access the control panel and the network.
  • You can connect with your friends by directly logging into your email and messaging them.

Ishmael Bazemore

  • The new Etnernet Browser Stlye, nice new and pretty :D
  • The New Photo's folders are really lied out and also pretty :D
  • Xbox 360 compatible
  • Store Features, games, music, and more
  • Switch back to window 7
  • Reader, shows all documents and folders
  • Remote Desktop
  • Bottom Right shows settings bar
  • Maps search

Mailisa Crews

  • Start Menu displays each category instead of sub categories
  • select desktop from Start Menu
  • from the side bar you can edit settings
  • access documents,pictures, music, and videos from Start Menu
  • connects to Xbox Live
  • every icon opens up an app instead of a folder
  • sign-in to email through Start Menu
  • camera app
  • utilizes windows live
  • no start button,just curse over lower left hand corner
  • cursing over the Start Menu but not clicking
  • time shows when you hover over looking glass

Krystal Cruz

  • The main difference is the start menu.
  • There is no start button, to access the start menu you just click the lower left hand corner.
  • Windows Explorer has a different layout. The top looks more like a Microsoft Word document.
  • The are many different apps available now.
  • There is an ability to connect to Xbox Live.
  • There is a location setting and GPS installed in the computer.
  • If you access internet explorer through the desktop it looks the same as before but if you access it through the start menu the URL bar is at the bottom.
  • The option to change screens can be accessed by moving the cursor to the top left corner of the screen.
  • The search/share/start/devices/settings can be accessed by putting the cursor to the top right corner of the screen.
  • You can sign into your email right from the Start menu.
  • There is a store feature to get apps, music, photos, etc.

Mitch Anderson

  • The main difference is that everything is now touch and better to access photos,messaging,internet,weather,mail,maps,music,documents and camera
  • Another difference is the start menu
  • Charms
  • Search
  • Arm support
  • Windows store
  • Cloud integration

Brandon Harris

I used the Windows 8 Developers beta, so i was able to have prior experience with windows 8. There are many differences between the developers copy and the Release Candidate. The main difference, is that you can change the color scheme of the display area. In the developers copy there was no option to change colors. It just defaulted to green. The other difference is that the store was not available and was closed during the beta. The weather widget was also updated, with a couple extra added sections that do into a more detailed report, but i prefer the version from the beta which was one page with the information at the bottom in which it scrolled left or right. Also, the weather for the day would be a moving image which demonstrated the weather conditions for the day. In fact, i liked it so much i used to leave that up as a screensaver when i would go out or was not at the computer. They added a few new games a Xbox live widget and a few other tweaks such as changing the look of the display environment from the basic green slate.