Wiki Contributor Biographies

This section will be used as a tester to hone our wiki skills. Each student will have his or her own page under the bios section, so our wiki can get a little more credibility. Use the Table of Contents toward the right to navigate to a contributor!

Mr. Carchidi

Hello everyone! I am the Computer Tech teacher at Mercy Vocational High School. I began teaching this class in February, and it sure has been a challenge! In order to prepare the class for their A+ Essentials test, I have decided to create a class Wiki, so the students and I can collaborate on a comprehensive study guide! Please feel free to read through our student BIOS, so you can get to know your test takers!


  • Hello people! My name is Mitchell Anderson. I'm a senior computer technition at Mercy Vocational
    high school. I am 19 years old. Our class is prepareing to take the A+ certification test March 28.


  • Ello Ello! My name is Ishmael Bazemore; I am a Computer Tech trying to proceed in being a video game artist and/or an architect. The school I am attending is Mercy Vocational High school. My hobbies are drawing, riding my bike, and playing video games. Plus, I Love Tigger :D
    Thanks for reading...


  • Hello. My name is Charles James Benner Jr. I am a Senior Computer Technician at Mercy Vocational High School. I play video games and play sports (mostly baseball) with my friends. I am nice, funny, smart, athletic, and 17 years old. My favorite sports teams are the Red Sox, Phillies, 76ers, and the Chargers. My most hated sports teams are the Eagles and the Flyers. I love using computers and repairing them.


  • Hello everyone,
    My name is Harrison Carter. My joys in my life are my godchildren. There names are Sean, Xaviar, Lemiah. Some of clubs that I belong to are: Latin dance club, NAACP, College for teens, Knights of Peter Claver. I am 18 years of age. My goals in life are to become a famous chef. I also want to create the first computerized restaurant.


My name is Juan Carlos Colon. I am an 18 year old senior computer technician at Mercy Vocational High School in Philadelphia, PA. My birthday is on June 24. I like to relax and have a good time. My goal after I graduate is to have a job that involves using or repairing computers.


  • Heyy. I'm Mailisa, but you can call me May for short. :) Anywho, I'm 17 going on somewhere around 80. I believe I'm a wise, intellectual, fun loving, and motivated young lady...don't forget Goddess of technology. I'm a huge fan of Chicago anything. I’m currently a Senior Computer Technician at Mercy Vocational H.S. the one and only coeducational vocational Catholic school in the United States. (say that three times fast). I am diligently preparing for my Comptia A+ certification; may I say it has been gruesome. Oh, I LOVE BACON! Who doesn’t? I know that you do, don’t deny the fact that you are obsessed with its pork deliciousness. :) Back to seriousness, I’m going to help you learn Comptia while I learn and with that we’ll definitely get certified. One day I hope to work at Google or be the head of an IT department.


  • Hello my name is Krystal Cruz. I am 18 years old. I am a senior at Mercy Vocational High School. I am part of the Diversity Club, Honor Society, Yearbook Committee, Latin Dancing Club, and I am a Student Ambassador. I spend most of my time outside of school with friends or family. After I graduate from high school, I plan on attending Community College of Philadelphia for two years. Then, I am transferring to Drexel to work on my Bachelor’s degree. I am IC3 certified, and I am currently working on my Comptia A+ certification. Working towards my A+ certification has not been easy, but once I get that certification, I know it will all be worth it.


  • Howdy! Tyler Dugan is my name, and I am a senior Computer Technician at Mercy Vocational High School. Computers have been a factor in my life since age 8 and still are. I plan on advancing my education by going to college in the next year. I am a very outspoken person who likes everything done right. I am a super cool awesome guy who likes to play hockey and lacrosse. I also like sunsets and longs walks on the beach. I hope you enjoy our wiki, Thank You!


  • Hi, my name is Brandon Harris. I'm currently 3 (18) years old, and I am well equipped to handle any technological job. I will take on any new challenge, new technology or old. I am currently a Learning Game/ Level Designer. I also, have had some experience in the IT field as a summer intern at a hospital.


Hey! I'm Priscilla, a senior Computer Tech at Mercy Vocational High School. I’ve been studying computers since my sophomore year. I received my IC3 certification that year, and this year I am currently working on getting my A+ certification. I do not plan on taking on computer technology as a career, but I do plan on keeping it as a background. Studying computers is no easy task, so I hope this study guide my classmates and I put together will help you out.


  • Hello my name is Geraldo Rivera Junior Perez Ortiz DeJesus. I am 18 years old and attend Mercy Vocational High School. I'm a senior Computer Tech, but I want to take up Business in college and my aspirations are to own my own computer business in the future.

J. J.

  • Hello, for the next few hours, you will be reading alittle bit about me. Bazinga, got you didnt I? I'm a Computer Tech, Mercy Vocational High School, and the Big Bang Theory is the funniest show. Anyways, I'm an honor student. I draw, write, play video games, and hopefully in the future will make a character for one. Thanks for reading this hour long paragraph, Bazinga!


  • My name is Vaughn La-Mar Weston, and I am 17 years old. I am currently a Senior Computer Tech at Mercy Vocational High School. I am planning to go to Community College of Philadelphia when I graduate and study Computer Forensics. I play basketball at Mercy, and I am planning to also play in College.