MVHS Senior's A+ Essentials Study Guide
Welcome seniors!
6/7/12What a year! Have a happy summer and good luck in your next adventure!

4/19/2012Strata tests continue. We have 6 more that need to pass!
Found a nice video from Newegg that we will be watching soon!

4/2/12As of today, Tyler, Krystal, Harrison, Brandon, John, Priscilla, and Mailisa have passed Strata in the past week. I am very proud of my students because they have worked so hard to understand this complex information. I am hoping to have the other 6 pass this week!!!

3/29/20123 Students have passed strata today. (4 Total)

3/28/20121 Student has passed the Strata Exam today.

3/26/20129 students have achieved a 80% or higher on the Strata CertBlaster! We are looking to take it this Wednesday! Lets see how we do!!!!!

3/21/12Seniors are working on CertBlaster to pass the Strata Test Exam. Once students get an 80%, then they will be eligible to take the test. WORK HARD!

3/13/12During this week, I will be reviewing each page with the students. By using each student's page as a reference, the class will be able to point out biases and incorrect information. As a result, the class gets to review the information and make corrections! Students are also working on CertBlaster, an exam question software. They need a 70% passing rate for Strata before they are allowed to take the Strata exam.

3/8/2012On the bottom of the pages you are working on, please put "Created by (FirstName)"

3/5/2012Hello! This week is only 4 days! There are 18 SCHOOL DAYS UNTIL THE BIG TEST! Keep working hard, and you will be rewarded!

3/2/12Attention! A new assignment has been posted for class. It is the Windows 8 Consumer preview practical test. You will have 15 minutes to test out Windows 8. Then you will need to report your discoveries on the Wiki Page titled Windows 8. Have fun!

Professor Messer - CompTIA A+ Videos!2/29/2012For Women's History Month, I would like to put together some nice resources onto our new Wiki Page located here. Women in Technology. Please go to this page and do some work for me!

UPDATE: 2/27/12 - When creating your Wiki Pages, make sure to define any words that may be technical. For example, DDOS needs to be defined. Not every user will be able to know this from memory. At the very least, LINK it to another site that has the definition.
Here is a link to computer shortcuts!
external image 250478,xcitefun-pc-shortcut.jpg

As you already know, we are embarking on a journey that may or may not be already familiar to us. For the past three years, you have been studying and re-studying A+ Essentials with the goal of PASSING THE TEST at the end of March.

Together, we can study, put together this information, learn and re-learn this information for our futures. Although this may seem unneccesary, the exciting thing about Wikis is the potential for others to view them and use them for their own good.

Essentially, you are starting something that will be continued for years to come, but we have to be the ones to start the adventure.


We will be following the exam objectives, according to LabSim. Now the course objectives may be out of order when compared to the text book, but do not worry, we will make an outline that is easy to follow.

Because we are in this together, you will have full control of the content of this blog. I will facilitate the function of the blog, but you are in complete control; you can edit, delete, check facts and even vandalize (but I hope you choose not to) the Wiki, if you choose.

Below you will find the various sections that need filling in.
There are 6 total sections, but each section has many sub sections.
Each section will have their own page, but so will each sub-section.
Don't worry, it is not too complicated.
To Updates

Check out Professor Messer's YouTube page for more information on CompTia Videos!
Below here you will find the exam objectives that we need to cover by March 28th.In your textbook, starting at section C-1, the exam objectives and PAGES to find information is located there.