Section 2.3 Troubleshooting Printers

Troubleshooting Printers

  • Print Spooler

    • The print spool is a temporary file that collects print jobs before they are sent to be printed.
    • The spool allows you to continue to work on an application while you are printing from that app.
    • You must be aware that if you are a user that prints large documents with graphics it may take some time for the spool to send it to the printer.
  • Printer Properties

    • You can enter the printers properties by opening the start menu.
    • Once in the start menu, open the printer and faxes menu.
    • Right click one of your printers and click the printers button in the submenu
    • All printers have the General and Advanced tabs in their properties menu.
    • Under the General Tab the user is able to change the name of the printer and see its features.
    • Under the Advanced Tab you are able to set the times that the printer is able to be used.

  • Printer Settings

    • Under your printer settings you have various options.
    • You can tell the printer how many print copies of that document you want.
    • You can decide how to set your spool and the way your prints will come out.
    • Also you can the resolution of your prints within your printer settings.

  • Print a Test Page

    • To print a test page you have to go into the printers properties
    • Once you go into the printers properties, go into the General Tab
    • In the right hand corner is the print a test page button.
    • Click it and your printer should begin to print if connected properly.