Section 1.11 Printers


Types of Printers

  • ‍‍‍‍Impact Printers‍‍‍‍

    • Also known as dot-matrix printers.
    • Not as popular as the other printers because they are noisy and slow.
    • Uses a print head that contains 9 or 24 pins to strike the paper to print.
    • Impact printers use a tractor feed or friction feed.
    • A tractor feed uses a sprocket to turn and pull the paper through the feed.
    • Friction feed uses a single sheet of paper and pulls it through the printer on a tight roller.
    • Impact printers usually use a serial or parallel interface connection.
    Impact Printer
    Impact Printer
  • Inkjet Printers

    • Also known as ink dispersion printing tech.
    • Ink is forced through the nozzles through two different methods. Thermal Bubble and Piezoelectric Bubble
      • Thermal Bubble tech heats the ink, creating a bubble. The bubble protrudes through the nozzle and sprays on the paper.
      • Piezoelectric Tech uses a piezo crystal behind each nozzle. An electric current vibrates the nozzle pushing the ink into the paper.
    • Inkjet Printers use ink cartridges which have print heads that the ink comes through.
    • ‍‍‍‍Dithering‍‍‍‍ creates a darker or lighter shade of a color by varying pattern of dots and density of dots.
    • Use two different paper paths: Straight-through and Curved.

Inkjet Printer with curved path
Inkjet Printer with curved path

  • Laser Printers

    • Produces high quality print outs
    • Produces images by using an electrophotographic process.
    • Components of a laser printer are
      • toner cartridge
      • laser scannning assembly
      • power supplies
      • paper control and transport assembly
      • transfer corona assembly
      • fusing assembly
      • electronic control package

Laser printing process

  • Thermal Printers

    • Produce output through heat
    • Three different methods:
  • Other Printers

    • Plotters- a pen based output device that produces line images. Used to create engineering documents
    • Solid ink printers- uses sticks of wax that are melted to create the ink for printing
      Solid ink Printer
      Solid ink Printer
    • Dye sublimation printers- Use solid dye on a roll or ribbon to print an image
      Dye Sublimation
      Dye Sublimation

Printer installation and optimization

  • Local printer vs. Network printer

    • A local printer is a printer that is directly connected to a computer through a USB or SATA connection
    • A network printer is a printer that is connected into a network server. This type of printer is used within businesses and office buildings.
      Network Printer
  • Printer Drivers

    • Most printers connect through USB, so they are recognized automatically through Windows.
    • If your printer is recognized by Windows, it will begin to install the appropriate drivers.
    • If your printer is not recognized by Windows you can manually install the drivers that you received with the printer.
  • Consumables

    • With printers you have to replace the paper and ink.
    • Depending on the type of printer you have, you will have to buy certain paper and ink for that printer.
    • There are different types of ink like powder, liquid, and wax, so be certain you buy the right ink for your type of printer.
printer ink
printer ink
printer wax
printer wax